Ricky Martin poses with children and boyfriend in Vanity Fair

Singer Ricky Martin has given an interview to the Spanish edition of the popular magazine. Martin is photographed along with his twins, Matteo and Valentino, and boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez. Martin and Gonzales has been dating for four years and both claims to have lived moments “of complicity, of understanding, simultaneously, and freedom …”.

However, his love for his boyfriend does not preclude recognizing what he once felt for women.

“I’ve slept with women and I loved them and felt wonderful things. There was love, passion. I do not regret anything in any of the relationships that I lived. It taught me a lot, both men and women,” she said.

The singer, who holds Spanish citizenship for four months, awaits the next decision of the Constitutional Court. “If they touch the gay marriage law, now, as a Spanish citizen, I rise and I would join my community,” he said.

Referring to his children, born last August, the artist flatly rejects the appellation “surrogate mother” to refer to the person who gave birth to his twins. “I did not rent a belly. This expression is used by fundamentalist conservatives. I borrowed a womb. Not paid for it,” he said.

Ricky is right now preparing for the musical Evita, which will be prsented on Broadway from April 5 .